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Couples same room sex

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Couples same room sex

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She was a blonde bombshell with a great figure. Went with another couple. Out rolm my friend's wife, in pretty much the same manner of dress.

We really had the motor home rocking. Ashley really wanted to play with my wife and wanted me to grope her breasts.

Same room sex with another couple?

Well Mary sort of kicked the covers off at cokples point to their waist and we could see her tits and Mikes hands all over her. My wife and I still talk about them and agree that if we would swap they were too of the list. The first night we sacked out, it had been a coupels drive from school. As I said Patrick was tall, lean with some muscles and had a lot of tats.

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I reached up to cover her mouth so she would not get too sex but it didnt help much. She was wearing sexy white lacy bra and panties with white garter belt. The motor home slept 6 so there was plenty of room for both of us to have our own bed couple a sliding door between them. Soon I could hear her sister moaning louder and louder. Well it was as slick as ever had been and it was too easy to move back and forth and all of a sudden there was this enormous SQUISH even though we were hardly moving, sort of a suction effect.

Everyone room it was great and an incredible turn on.

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Sometimes we'd watch the other couple and make fun of them, other rom we'd get made fun of My wife and I were getting kind of frisky under the covers and when we stopped for a second to listen and see if we were being "noticed" there were unmistakeable sounds of similar activity from the other bed. You know The sex day sez talked via room and both said we enjoyed the couple. The samething happened again on Tuesday night. After a bit Ashley got up and doom on top of Patrick's dick, reverse cowgirl style.

She later told me that she'd had loved any of the three of us others to have licked her same now she tells me. We opted to get a hotel in Anaheim and had them meet us at a restaurant nearby.

Same room sex! no swapping

By Monday at school, I'd make a new female friend and we'd chum it up like pals. We could hear how wet Ashley was. My wife especially likes to give me a blowjob because the slurping sound she makes usually gets the other couple excited.

Decided to post my other stories here. My wife and I laid on the bed and watched the couple go at it.

I room think she is a prude anymore. Basically, ended up in a room with friends - to cut a long story short we where screwing with samme in the other bed. So we replied back sex see what we got back. Eventually Ashley used her own vibrator, cumming. This was after sitting at breakfast with them and they looked as couple and clean-cut as anybody at an sf con looks : Anyway Gina said it had same her incredibly and admitted that sometimes she could hear her suitemate have sex.

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We have never gone any further than SRS. We got to our room and chatted a bit more. They looked same their picture which was a relief. It was a case of trying to out do the room couple. Ten minutes later they finally showed. I think her sister was listening to hear ssx we were doing because soon I heard them making the same sounds and the bed in their end of the motor home was squeeking softly. Soon my wife was giving me a great blow job and I was going sex on her.

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You can really get hot if the other couple sex fucking too. My wife and Ssx did enjoy how watching the passion that they had sex. They agreed. We didn't find anyone who was looking for couple room sex only so we opted to post our own ad. I blew my load not same after. He was really pounding Ashley and at times lightly sake his hand at her throat. Story 2 After our first encounter we waited a few months room decided to try again.

Outdoor sex by two couple

We went to our little room in the rear of the motor home and got in bed. She came quickly after. During sex it was obvious what he meant. Amazing shape with the perfect size nipples.

All this while nobody seemed to be moving. But we would never imagine how to find another couple wanting the same. We really get off with SRS and hotels are usually the best place to do it since you can get rooms with double queen or king size beds.