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Create a secrets.yml file dynamically with bash

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Every Rails application needs its own secrets.yml file to work. When you distribute an application, you have two options to deal with this file:

  • To keep it in the repository and share the development and test key with other users. If you share your production key a kitty will die 😢.
  • To include a secrets.example.yml file and force the user to copy it and generate the secret tokens.

However, in projects I use docker, I want the user only should run docker-compose up -d to setup the environment. In this case, I can use the first approach and keep the file in the repository.

I think there is a better choice, and it's to generate that file on the first boot dynamically. I've created a simple bash script to create a new secrets.yml for every user. You only need to add it in your entrypoint script:


if [ ! -f ./config/secrets.yml ]; then
  echo -e "\nGenerating a secrets.yml file"

  # Random Keys
  KEY_DEV=$(bin/rake secret)
  KEY_TEST=$(bin/rake secret)

  # Generate the file
  cat > ./config/secrets.yml <<EOL
  secret_key_base: ${KEY_DEV}

  secret_key_ba se: ${KEY_TEST}

  secret_key_base: <%= ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE"] %>

It will generate a file like this:

  secret_key_base: ccfbe0e981877fdf63875565...

  secret_key_base: b01fece76bfdfa613fc19ae4...

  secret_key_base: <%= ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE"] %>

Check my Docker + Rails5 API + React + Redux boilerplate for a real example.

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