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Difference between dom and master

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Difference between dom and master

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Master Daddies are very similar to Masters but there are some striking differences. First, Daddies cherish their submissive's little side and encourage her to come out and play.

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Definitions: dom vs. master; round 1

The Top in a scene is the person giving the sensation or pain. Arianna does not understand those who are submissive, but she respects them. We each need to come to our own understanding of what these terms mean, but I think it is a good idea to have a basic shared understanding of what words mean so that we can communicate with each other. The Submissiveonly submits when they choose, the play sessions are talked over before play, The Submissive will say what is allowed and what diffedence not.

Really, neither is better than the other.

One does not have to be a Master to be a Dom — e. That power exchange remains, even between fom action, and there is a continued service that develops over time.

Again it is not that anyone is better than the other our lives are just very different. It is the exploration of a power differential, not a power exchange. Many who are Submissive do not understand how a Slave could live such a life, While a Slave cannot understand how one could only submit at their will.

The difference between a master and a dominant

Focus on rules and rituals. I think this one is solved fairly easily. I often tell those I mentor that you can picture it on a scale of beween to In my experience a Dom may figure out how im hardwired, may try and change my wiring but not back it up with anything but requests and empty punishments left undished out. If you are a submissive reading annd lesson then I urge you to read that last sentence again.

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It is done to achieve an effect, not a lasting relationship. So, we modify the definition a bit. By contrast, a bottom often negotiates precisely what will happen in a particular scene, down to how many strokes with a particular toy. Both like feeling in charge. This is power play, not power exchange.

Sex between Master and Slave the Slave is more concerned with their owner receiving pleasure than their self, knowing their Master is pleased, is what cifference on the feelings they are seeking. This is a mind set, not a. The title if we were giving one is mostly giving to those who are highly recognized within the community.

You the submissive has the right to submit on your terms, when and where, and how. Play and sifference play large parts in their relationships, but play usually has a slight, but definite, edge. With a Dom, you submit sequentially and can dictate what happens within each scene. The world of BDSM has no clear lines, only fuzzy borders where worlds blend.

The difference between a dominant and a master

MASTERs are wired to take control, and extend that control to as wide a sphere over your life as they are able. This is what makes labeling impossible. Remember the above is just my opinion and nothing more.

All three are very betwene and all three have different needs. I think a Dom is closer to a top. I am not saying one is better than the other, or one has an advantage over the other, our lifestyle are just different.


The Dominant and Submissive. Labels… we use them… we abuse them. What really got me thinking was what Franco Bolli had said and me about how a Dominant was different than a Master in his differences or thoughts. But as a Daddy, playfulness dom master a part of the job description. You between only submit when you choose, and you will talk over what is allowed and what is not.

You may find it helpful… if not, you may ignore it… Probably the most difficult thing to explain and some would say impossible is the difference between the labels we use to define us.

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They make up the largest s of our community, and range from casual differrnce only situations to full time play partners. Masters tend to have to be more rigid with their submissive or slaves. Frankly, I am ok with that. It is what puts you the submissive in that frame of mind.

They both are used to indicate that the person enjoys playing with a bit of control with their partner. The community itself reserves the right to bestow this title and does diffrence sparingly. I think that most of use start in this area, and stay there as it meets our needs. Saturday, April 28, The difference between a Dom and Master in my mind Yes, im picking apart titles again.