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HSSC accepts cash and credit card. If you are not a Sarasota County resident, you will be provided with all the paperwork you need to obtain a Rabies and Tag in your county. All prescriptions require a physical exam—and you receive a certificate for a complimentary physical exam with your adoption. What do I need to bring if I am interested in adopting?

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The hold fee is not refundable and does not go towards the adoption fee. All potential adopters are required to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. Can I fo the pet home on a trial basis? Animals that are not on the cats or dogs s are not available.

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They know our available animals and are very skilled at suggesting animals that are likely to be a good fit. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns about your pet once you get home, please flr.

Acceptance is not guaranteed. If an animal is not on the website, it has either been adopted or has been made temporarily unavailable. Your slumber party is an extended trial period where one of our long-term animals stays at your home for days—the length is up to you.

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HSSC can help you manage the adjustment. Is there a waiting list? HSSC accepts cash and credit card. A current and valid photo ID. Just call our managers to see if we have a reputable breeder we could find the perfect puppy from.

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Only HSSC volunteers are permitted to take animals out of the shelter for fostering, staycations, and excursions. Ask your Adoption Counselor or Matchmaker for details.

The animal must reside with the person s listed on the adoption eogs. Call All prescriptions require a physical exam—and you receive a certificate for a complimentary physical exam with your adoption. Should you fall in love with your guest pet, you simply return to HSSC, complete the adoption, and live happily ever after.

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Holds cannot be placed on pets under 6 months. HSSC does not maintain a waiting list because we have no way to guarantee what animals will be available or when. Bring a leash and collar for dogs and puppies no choke collars or chains or a carrier for cats and kittens. Should you decide that the animal sqrasota not right for you, you just bring him or her back to HSSC.

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We will continue to be a beacon of excellence when it comes to the practice of animal husbandry and promoting responsible pet ownership. We recommend that all family members or roommates meet the animal. How do I know which pets are available? We can help!

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Keep an open mind, too. Here is a great guide for renters. Please call Be aware of any sale or sraasota restrictions your housing association or landlord may have in place. An Adoption Counselor or Matchmaker sarasota guide you through the dog and show you the many wonderful animals available for adoption. Can I just look around? We regularly see adopters fall in love with for they never considered until they visited the shelter.

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You can always digitally browse our available animals on our website, which is updated in real time. Adopters must be at least 18 years old. If the adoption is not completed, the hold fee will be considered a donation to HSSC.

dgs Learn more about Pet Surrender. Please bring someone with you to hold your dog while you look at our adoptables, as owned pets are not allowed in the pods, only in the viewing rooms.

Or looking for something different? Plan to spend sarasoha least an hour at HSSC to complete the adoption process. Can I place a hold on a cat or dog if I am unable to adopt that day?