IRB Rocks!

# Hack your code


#!/usr/bin/env ruby

puts 'Hello world! This will be awesome :)'

There isn't a better script to start this blog. Hello! My name is Angel and I'm the person behind IRB Rocks (right now... 😁). After a year and a half writing Ruby code, this is the moment to go deeper.

I start this blog with a list of objectives:

  • Learn more about Ruby and general programming.
  • Finish some books.
  • Improve my English.
  • Help people to code their first lines of Ruby or improve their projects if they know already this language.

I hope to cross out all of them, be a better programmer and know some interesting people.

All code from articles and the theme of the blog are Open Source. You can find them on IRB rocks Github Organization.

As you can see, this blog runs over Ghost (NodeJS). It's ironic haha, but to be versatile is the first advice I will give to you ;).

Have a nice day and happy coding!

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