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How long is the bus ride from bangkok to chiang mai

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How long is the bus ride from bangkok to chiang mai

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Gorgeous ancient wats and chedis — some of them dating back to XIII century — dot the city. Forest monasteries hide in the mountains and hills. Colourful markets bursting with OTOP products, flavoursome Northern Thai cuisine with unforgettable khao soi, welcoming and friendly locals and endless choices to live through unforgettable experiences, no matter whether you are just on a short 2 day visit or on a month-long trip. There is plenty to take in in Chiang Mai, from temples, museums, galleries and waterfalls, to quaint coffee shops, epic clothing malls and a unique night-life scene for party goers and music enthusiasts alike.

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There are 5 ways to get from bangkok to chiang mai by plane, bus, train or car

The second route is slightly longer, but rewards you with smaller ro through big forests. You will for sure visit a fair amount of temples, do some hiking and trekking, or even white-water rafting or rock climbing. Alcoholic drinks, including beer are now banned on trains chiangg Thailand.

They sell food and drinks on the train but you might want to bring some snacks yourself as the food they sell on board is pricier than usual. Whilst travelling, the lights are switched off, but if needed, there is a small light over your head for people that like reading for example. Either book your ticket direct at the bus station, or through an agent commission will be added.

Gangkok favourite by far, if you have time, is the sleeper train. The overnight sleeper train is great, even in the comfy 2nd class sleepers, it's dirt cheap and actually takes less time than flying as you leave central Bangkok in the evening arriving Chiang Mai next morning. Basically, only business travellers need to fly.

The Bangkok to Chiang Mai route is called the Northern Line and there are currently 6 trains per day, 2 of which are day trains. The journey length is much less compared to the train. Hos the latest travel status, please check the official for Thailand.

The red and white ones are good for trips within the city THB per rideand the yellow ones will take you to some of the neighbouring Northern provinces. There are about six trains that leave from Bangkok to Chiang Mai running from around 8. At feom point we wish you the best of luck in getting the tickets.

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The day train can get a little bit boring which is why we recommend doing the night train. The most popular means of transport is the plane and, surprisingly enough, whilst looking on the internet we found out that all the options bis cost more or less the same. Vip Coach: the best option, at least for us. A few padlocks and extra precautions will definitely turn off thieves as it often takes too much effort to try to open it.

The train system is in flux at the moment as new trains take over from the old. Travellers can choose between regular and VIP services, with the main differences being the price and comfort levels.

Forest monasteries hide in the mountains and hills. Add a zest to your stay by enrolling to a massage class and learning the basics of the Thai massage; doing some volunteering in any of the elephant camps ask in Elephant Nature Park, to begin with ; seeing how those bright colourful Chiang Mai parasols chianb being produced; and cruising Thanon Ratchadamnoen on Sunday evening when it becomes fdom epicentre of local bahgkok, culture, cuisine and people-watching. Either way, traveling by train gives you a real feel of Thailand.

As we explained in some posts, make sure the driver turns the meter on and that they understand where it is that you need to go Google Maps will be your best buddy in this case.

Flights from bangkok to chiang mai

Some services have carriages chinag for females and their young children. With more than templesoutdoor adventures galore, and a laid-back way of life, it offers a completely different experience from Bangkok. More details Is there a direct bus between Bangkok and Chiang Mai? The quicker and shorter one is to go to Nakhon Sawan, then turn left before rice get into the city to highway 1.

This is a good base when visiting for Loi Krathong as this is where krathong and lantern release is focused. The only way to explain yourself is by resolving to gesturing.

How to get from bangkok to chiang mai [updated]

We hope you found our information on getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai useful, remember that options, timetables and prices change regularly so always do your own current research too. These 2 stops are about an hour apart and will be the routes most used by foreigners.

The flight takes around one hour and 15 minutes and there are more than 50 flights every day of the week. The bus takes roughly 10 hours departing every hour between 5. We cover things to do in Chiang Mai along with the nitty-gritty of staying a-while in our Living in Chiang Mai. Try to schedule your visit to see and participate bangkkk some of them if you can. The northern line of state railway of Thailand is a km long stretch from Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Bangkok to chiang mai

A pleasant amarcord experience! Trip Length: hours Thai trains tend to run late The train from Bangkok mia Chiang Mai is actually one of the most popular travel routes in the country. Booking Train Tickets to Chiang Mai You can book tickets online for the Chiang Mai trains but the cost will be fractionally higher than going to the station in person.

Note that in peak seasons i. Toilets are absolutely fine by train standards.