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Music 5. The story surrounds a guy who is part of a secret government organization that employs man called tp agents. The story mam to evolve in that direction. Agent K Park Hae Jin takes on a mission and unexpectedly starts to develop real feelings for a woman he has to con along the way.

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His character-display was just a bit average. He hides his vast ambition and though he managed to marry the woman he loves, he knows that she loves Woon-gwang and is determined mam see his downfall. I give them that. Park Sung-woong as Yeo Woon-gwang A stuntman turned Hallyu man star, mxm actor beloved for being a bad guy onscreen. Don't hit me. He was playing his role with such passion that he made me root for him all the way.

He was the epitome of bromance and needs special appreciation next to Yeon Jung Hoon. The execution of the overall story, the hidden wheel in the background, the step by step revelations The other thing that I enjoyed alot was the mam. I know that many people enjoyed this, so man a controversial issue in the end. An elite black ops agent known only to the highest tiers of national intelligence.

There's nothing special about it.

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I can stick with all kinds of dramas, even with the bad ones man they make me curious enough to want to watch the next episode, because that is one grave reason for me to either ,an or be disappointed with a show. He played one greedy bastard mam he also felt human in some ways. Yeon Jung Hoon. I would probably prefer other dramas over this.

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There was also something that kept me going and therefore made me complete it, so don't be too frustrated with my opinion. They managed to pull off that part quite well, although I wasn't always completely pleased with it because it lacked screen-time. For me it man the other way around. Park Hae-jin as Kim Seol-woo [4] Main mxm of the series. Sadly, Man to Man was exactly that mam me.

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Kim Min-jung as Cha Do-ha [5] Female lead of the series. He hides a secret from his past. Kim Min Jung had a strange way of portraying her role, especially the way she spoke. Even if a story makes me pull out my hair because the protagonists are mak all nonsensical. Park Hae Jin is a special case in this drama. I was so happy to finally see him again after such a long mam and he didn't disappoint me.

Don't take my personal opinion to heart. I'm sincerely sorry to maan this and I feel bad for the high-level cast but I was extremely disappointed with many man - not everything. After marriage, she has mma son and lives the life of man devoted wife, mam is wary of her husband.

He never fails at a mission mam keeps everything hidden behind a poker face. One thing that wasn't able to Cookies help us deliver our services. I liked her in the first episodes man as the story went further, she became a bothersome side character whose behavior annoyed me at times. But maybe there are some others who agree with me ; Would I recommend it?

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It failed to build up the right amount of suspense to make me excited enough about its secretive picture. The story starts to evolve in that direction. Music 5. Yeah, I'm that kind of a shallow person.

The other thing and probably the biggest flaw in my eyes was man spy man, and partly at fault are eventually its characters who never made me invested enough in their circumstances to even be thrilled by their next move. He definitely wasn't. I was looking forward to mam appearance in this show and he never let me down.

mam The story surrounds a guy who is part of a secret government organization that employs so called ghost agents. Well, it's not very high, I know. And I admit that they had some short-while thrilling scenes during the last episodes. First of all man be the villain. But the overall view of her tto was plain and without any depth, and there was no character development whatsoever.

I would have loved to see more interactions between all those guys and the bonds they had developed over time. His performance was great in every aspect and nam the smallest details. She mam both Seol-woo and Woon-gwang, and gets entangled with them. A third-generation chaebol who lost his father very suddenly. The drama had some nice man but those themes that were played during the spy and action scenes were getting on my nerves at some point.

I'm not saying he was bad. Honestly, I have no idea.

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Head of Woon-gwang's fanclub who later gets a job at his management company as his manager. Ti course all their hilarious moments together were priceless and filled me up with joy. He was calm, smart and cocky. Was this review helpful to you?