Material Icons for Rails v2.0.1 is released

Material Icons for Rails is a Ruby gem to add Google Material Icons icon set for your Rails projects. Today I released v2.0.1, a minor version with the following changes: Fixed a conflict with style icon name and MaterialIcon style method #8... Read.more

Execute sudo commands with Net::SSH

Net::SSH is a Ruby implementation of an SSH (protocol 2) client. With this gem, you can interact with remote servers and execute commands. The features from README are: Execute processes on remote servers and capture their output Run multiple processes in parallel over a... Read.more

Reduce nil verifications in nested hashes

Rails provide us multiple methods to help developers and we are used to calling them, check the article Living outside Rails for more info ;). To write Ruby scripts return us to the core language. Recently I work in a script to parse data from an... Read.more

Mathematical signs and method invocation in Ruby

Ruby is a flexible language. An example of this flexibility is the optional parenthesis on method invocation. result = my_method arg # Same result result = my_method(arg) A mistyping can change the behaviour of our code. In mathematical operations, the position of the signs doesn't... Read.more

Remove all references in git stash

git stash is a powerful command from git. We can store current changes in a stack and recover them when we want. I usually stash some small changes and I never recover it so the stack grow very fast. If you want to clear all... Read.more