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ReactJS, V of MVC

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A lot of companies are using ReactJS, an Open Source project of Facebook. As project's page says:

ReactJS, a javascript library for building user interfaces.

Atom, Airbnb, Facebook, Atlassian, Codeacademy, Dropbox, Docker... and the list doesn't finish. But, what is the secret of ReactJS?

  • It can be adapted to existing projects. Another UI frameworks need to change or duplicate logic in our apps.
  • It's reactive. When data changes, UI changes too.
  • The code is reusable. ReactJS builds the interface based on small components that can be recycled.
  • It's "faster". That's all people say, but I want to check it ;).

Goctupus meets ReactJS

I'm learning ReactJS and the best way to learn is reading and applying the concepts to a real project. Goctupus is a game server status tracker made with Rails. Now, it's a simple application, so I think is the perfect candidate to start with ReactJS.

During these weeks, I will move Goctupus to ReactJS, and I want to share with you all conclusions of the process.

If you are impatient to start with ReactJS, check the following links:

gem share .gem