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Reduce nil verifications in nested hashes

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Rails provide us multiple methods to help developers and we are used to calling them, check the article Living outside Rails for more info ;). To write Ruby scripts return us to the core language.

Recently I work in a script to parse data from an external API. It returns data in JSON format, but some keys are optional so my code is full of these conditionals:

if res['user'] && res['user']['avatar'] && res['user']['avatar']['small_uri']
  avatar_uri = res['user']['avatar']['small_uri']
  avatar_uri = nil

I need to check every level in the hash response. This problem can be solved using Hash#dig, but it's only available from Ruby 2.3.0.

For older versions, I created a recursive method that return the value of the given path or nil.

# Check if a hash constains the path of keys.
# Example:
# h = { a: { b: { c: 1 }}}
# dig h, :a, :b              # { c: 1 }
# dig h, :a, :b, :c          # 1
# dig h, :a, :b, :d          # nil
# dig h, :a, :d              # nil
# dig h, :a, :d, :c          # nil
# dig h, :a, :b, :c, :d      # nil
# == Parameters:
# hash::
#   Hash to check.
# keys::
#   Array with the sequence of keys to get value
# == Returns:
# Value of the key in the hash or nil
def dig(hash, *keys)
  if hash[keys.first] && keys.size == 1
    return hash[keys.first]
  elsif hash[keys.first] && hash[keys.first].is_a?(Hash)
    dig(hash[keys.first], *keys[1..keys.size-1])
    return nil

Using this method, the code to get avatar_uri from the API can be simplified to:

avatar_uri = dig res, 'user', 'avatar', 'small_uri'


You can grab the code in Github ;).

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