Gems are the libraries for Ruby. There are a lot really good gems to solve the most common problems when you create a new web application.


Material Icons for Rails v2.0.1 is released

Material Icons for Rails is a Ruby gem to add Google Material Icons icon set for your Rails projects. Today I released v2.0.1, a minor version with the following changes: Fixed a conflict with style icon name and MaterialIcon style method #8... Read.more

Execute sudo commands with Net::SSH

Net::SSH is a Ruby implementation of an SSH (protocol 2) client. With this gem, you can interact with remote servers and execute commands. The features from README are: Execute processes on remote servers and capture their output Run multiple processes in parallel over a... Read.more

Material icons for Rails

Using a font icon set is a nice option for the interface of your websites and applications. These sets include a lot of icons in one file, so they usually will cover all needs of your projects. In addition, they have more advantages: Supported by... Read.more