Rails is a web framework written in Ruby. It provides a lot functionality like: MVC structure, asset management, ORM, routing... All you need to create your best web projects


Create a secrets.yml file dynamically with bash

Every Rails application needs its own secrets.yml file to work. When you distribute an application, you have two options to deal with this file: To keep it in the repository and share the development and test key with other users. If you share your... Read.more

ReactJS, V of MVC

A lot of companies are using ReactJS, an Open Source project of Facebook. As project's page says: ReactJS, a javascript library for building user interfaces. Atom, Airbnb, Facebook, Atlassian, Codeacademy, Dropbox, Docker... and the list doesn't finish. But, what is the secret of ReactJS? It... Read.more

Installing troubled gems in Mac OS X

Sometimes, installing a gem in Mac OS can be a hard work. I fought with dependencies and compilers, and those are the solutions I found: Nokogiri brew install libxml2 libxslt libiconv brew link libxml2 libxslt libiconv xcode-select --install gem install nokogiri -- --use-system-libraries Libv8 gem... Read.more

Material Icons for Rails v2.0.1 is released

Material Icons for Rails is a Ruby gem to add Google Material Icons icon set for your Rails projects. Today I released v2.0.1, a minor version with the following changes: Fixed a conflict with style icon name and MaterialIcon style method #8... Read.more

Update timestamp of a model in Rails

Recently I need to update timestamps of a model because I use this value as "last seen". In a Job, I update a model or others associated to it, so in the second case, I need to update timestamps. Instead of use model.update(update_... Read.more