Rails is a web framework written in Ruby. It provides a lot functionality like: MVC structure, asset management, ORM, routing... All you need to create your best web projects


Material icons for Rails

Using a font icon set is a nice option for the interface of your websites and applications. These sets include a lot of icons in one file, so they usually will cover all needs of your projects. In addition, they have more advantages: Supported by... Read.more

Determine if model is just created

Sometimes we need to know if a model is just created after save if for first time. Rails doesn't provide a method to check this situation, so we need to use a small trick. If we have timestamps (specifically created_at and update_at) columns... Read.more

Living outside Rails

Frameworks are powerful tools to develop software. However, they are dangerous. We get used to his classes, methods... and take them as property of the programming language they are written. Rails isn't an exception. Welcome to the life outside Rails. Gems When we are writing... Read.more

Colorize Rails unit tests

Colors are a basic method to highlight information. If you are using standard Rails test framework, you have been noticed console output is so bored. Turn and redgreen Turn and redgreen are two gems that born with same objective: add some life to rails tests... Read.more

Five tools for Github Ruby projects

Github starts as a project repository for teams. Now, it's a social network for developers and a platform to share and collaborate on projects. Github, as its name says, it's an hub for Git projects. If you don't know Git, stop reading and learn it... Read.more