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What the fuck is a buckeye

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What the fuck is a buckeye

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Following his termination, Mr. Buckeye was intercepted by the police and arrested. Shortly after being taken into police custody, Columbus Police released a statement detailing the events of the crime, which includes a confession from Brutus himself.

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However, word is that is that Native Americans would mash the nuts into a fairly nutritious paste that they would eat, once they had peeled and roasted the nuts sufficiently. We wouldn't want him to stress his muscle-heart-valve-fibrillation or whatever the fuck he didn't have when he bailed on UF like a frat boy ditching the tab at the bar.

Fuck michigan

Do you realize that the Pac beat us 9 of the last 11 meetings. Mascot Suck Index. He could have walked into the end zone. Just a solid shirt, that's what I got for you. I cannot believe the teams in the BIG can't sack up enough to send a different champ to a decent bowl game.

The aa canopy hides a litter of discarded hulls and inedible nuts. Let's take a minute to examine the Buckeye, the namesake of the state school of Ohio.

Follow bucky's 5th quarter online:

A century and a quarter of history and you won 21 bowl games. Do you know how many times I had to hit myself in the head? Inanother new Brutus debuted, who looked similar to the original version, but he had gained about 60 pounds and a hat. They put some poor bastard on the field dressed up as a nut with legs.

What the fuck is a fucking buckeye?

Roughing buckeyee running is highly subjective but I believe that should have been it running and a 5-yard foul. Red Zone Play Calling Ohio State continuously made odd choices in the red zone, where passing lanes are a bit more congested.

I want to eat 4 dollar hotdogs and soft pretzels with cheese I want to hear the Buckeye Battle Cry I want to see the Bucks, I want to see the Bucks I want to hear the band played "Brown Eyed Girl" when we get ahead by 4 touchdowns. It could have set Ohio State up nicely but at least Clemson was kind enough to miss the field goal to finish the drive. Clemson scored its first touchdown to cap a drive that should have ended on the other side of the field and it completely changed the tone of the game.

Here's your pat on the back.

Jashon Cornell received an uncalled hands-to-the-face on a long third-and completion when Josh Proctor busted coverage to extend one Clemson drive. Ted Ginn's ankle was more fragile than the heels on those fancy shoes that Tim Tebow hides in the back of his closet with his lace thong. Every week, they had me busting whst ass.

Holy cow, I agree with a referee. But hey, they suck too. Eating a buckeye nut is actually quite difficult — the nut is mildly toxic, but can be eaten once you remove wgat from their shell AND after roasting them. I mean for crying out loud, the Badgers seriously suck at Rose Bowling.

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It's no wonder the Big Ten is the laughing stock of the college football world. Perhaps a bit offensive fuci funny? But hell, you have Joey Bosa, who is a decent lineman. At the last second, Lawrence ducked his head, creating helmet-to-helmet contact that would otherwise not have happened.

He's so good, his punter is a better quarterback than anyone on Minnesota's roster. This targeting rule does not exist to eliminate dangerous collisions. I want tje bratuwrst, I want coolers filled wtih ice cold beer, I want four tables packed with cheese, lunchmeat, veggies, pasta salad, chips, salsa mexican beandip and much much more I basically want to fill up on beer. However the new added weight turned out to be too heavy for the wearer.

It fuci a great season and should still be ongoing. But Dobbins took his eyes off the ball to look down the field and he dropped a sure touchdown. Hell the buckeye they should be proud of was Ebenezer Sproat.

Fields threw incomplete to Chris Olave in the corner but had he seen Fuxk it was an easy six points. However, a buffalo, a steer, and a live freaking tiger?

If you have a special request for a different style, please message me and we can work something out. It felt like an episode of The Office. His squinting eye and his angry smirk were well disliked by students and his predecessor was brought back.

So there you have it. All that recruiting travel isn't good for a man with his, ah, condition.

The fruit of the poison tree – an ode to ohio state hate

And that makes me grumpiest of all. I hate you bastards, with your fancy fucking rings and my favorite former coach. Not to mention, Ohio must hate dogs, because buckeye nuts are poisonous to our four-legged companions. This bucksye my first job out of graduate school and I was excited to have it.

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That game was so bad, most of the folks at the party just ignored the second half. At the half, it was a fucking rout He's also a real dick if you piss him off The on-field official who threw the beanbag had a great view of the play. Yes Ralphie and Bevo run across tje field during pregame, but after that, do they amp up the crowd? The Buckeyes used short passes to Dobbins to work their way down the field.

For rivals, I looked east to hate those Boston College nuckeye