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Why do people take the act

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Why do people take the act

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By Tamar Lewin Aug. Taie high school students are no longer content with just one college admissions test. For more than half a century, the ACT was the also-ran of the college admissions world. Although almost every college for years has accepted either test, the SAT has long represented the gold standard. Some Eastern colleges actually frowned on the ACT, and few students outside the South and the Midwest, where the ACT has been the dominant assessment, would even consider taking it. On the contrary, the of test takers has grown.

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If you won't be enrolled in or completely through Algebra 2 before June of junior year, you'll still want to take the ACT before the end of the school year.

This short video will help you do just that. Should this sort of preparation be provided to all students in a push to make the process more fair? These questions don't exist on the ACT, meaning you always have answer choices handed to you to work with.

Will you be taking AP or IB exams in the spring? The Golden Rule of Testing Once you're sure you've selected the test that's your better fit, you'll want to follow my Golden Rule of Testing If you've decided that standardized testing is for peopld but aren't quite sold on the ACT, read a more dedicated discussion on which test might be right for you.

And almost 8, this year submitted scores from both tests. You can also take a moment, if you're aiming for a perfect score, to read about how to get there.

#1: most colleges will require your scores

This, then, is largely a matter of taste and your sense of preparedness. Jonathan Chiu, the national content director of high school programs at the Princeton Review, offers a similar analysis, citing gamesmanship in taking the SAT. Do peopple play a fall sport? Certainly not.

Hopefully your scholarship money won't be meted out in single-dollar bills, either. What's Next?

Now that we've got the Golden Rule of Testing thhe, we're clear on how many exams students should take 2 exams after preparation and the deadline by which they should have taken both of these exams June of their Junior year. However, for the sake of ease and everyone's sanity, I narrow this window a little bit. All comments are moderated by the Learning Network staff, but please keep in mind that once your comment is accepted, it will be made public.

You may be a great candidate for testing in spring of your junior year. Proponents of a change say it is fairer to judge students by other measures, such as teacher recommendations.

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His organization compiles a list of hundreds of colleges that are test-optional. One of the reasons that testing and test prep have such a bad reputation is that most families don't realize how flexible it can be. Therefore, I advise students to select the test that best suits their strengths and prepare for it exclusively, do your very first consideration should be to decide whether to take the ACT or SAT.

She scored a 30 out of Have you applied to any colleges or peopple If so, do you think your score is an accurate reflection on your knowledge, skills and potential to do well in college and beyond? Or maybe the fall of your junior year is better because of your commitments in the winter and spring.

Choose your test

In my opinion, cookie cutter answers to the question "When should you take the ACT? In this article, we've seen a of reasons to take standardized tests, including keeping college options open, winning scholarships, and even appealing to potential employers. Critics believe there is an inherent bias in standardized testing and, as you read, some people find the exams racist.

If you're a better debater than you are a literary detective, the ACT may be your test.

The writing test is optional. Your ideal testing window actt be planned during a downtime in your schedule. Whether reviewing on their own, in classes or with a private tutor, a considerable chunk of the next year and a half is devoted to vocabulary lists, problem sets, mock tests, real tests and retests; Advanced Placement and SAT subject tests add to the workload.

But ideally senior year testing is for adding a few additional points to an already solid ACT score. Take a look at our guide to what qualifies as a good score —and why it's so subjective.

Testing, testing

Carol Christ, the chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, has long called for a move away from standardized testing for admissions. But my scores were about the same. Ac may opt to test a 3rd or 4th time down the line.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it's getting more common. Simply name and address below to receive my free eBook and I will help you get on the path to higher ACT scores right away. By Tamar Lewin Aug.

Can you test during your senior year too? Hartle, senior vice president at the American Council on Education. What does your activities calendar look like?